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Watir Podcast #23 – turning the table on Zeljko

I recently had the pleasure of recording a Watir Podcast with Watir Core Team member Zeljko Filipin.  You can find it at Zeljko (aka Z*) is very involved with the Watir community and has been recording Watir podcasts for a year now.


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watir-console, my new best friend

I’ve made the move from irb to watir-console for troubleshooting Watir code.

Since version 1.5.2, watir-console has been part of the Watir installation.  Basically, it’s an irb session on steroids.  It’s launched through a regular console the same way irb is (c:\>watir-console), but it also includes the following:

  • a local log of your session (saved as console.log)
  • tab complete functionality
  • does require ‘watir’ automatically

Jim Knowlton has a great example of adding helper class functionality to watir-console so that any classes or methods you want can be automatically available when you launch watir-console.

Pair watir-console with an HTML element inspector like Firebug (for Firefox) or IE Developer Toolbar, and you have a great environment for testing and troubleshooting watir tests.

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