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Our coolest project ever

A few years ago, my husband traded a 40’s-era Chrysler hubcap that he had hanging in our garage for an old Pepsi machine.  The guy he traded had an old Chrysler and had been looking high and low for the one hub cap he was missing.  Plus, he had stocked the soda machine with beer and was tired of his son’s college-age friends’ raiding it.  We felt guilty, but he considered it a fair trade.

The soda machine languished in a corner of our garage until our beer fridge died last summer.  We pulled it out of the corner, crossed our fingers and plugged it in – it fired up like new!  It needed a paint job, so John painted the body and my Mom painted the new logo.  I wired it to bypass the broken coin mechanism and voila! – we have the most excellent soda beer machine I’ve ever seen.

Props to Mom and John for the paint job!

Props to Mom and John for the paint!


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